Reserve Tank: VARIAtions

Track 1

Heat Vision by DarkeSword

When I heard about Jordan's illness, I thought it'd be nice to do something for him that only a community like ours could do. You always hear about how keeping a person's spirits up helps with their recovery, so I decided that maybe Jordan would like to hear a load of remixes from his favorite game, Super Metroid. Granted, we've already done a great Super Metroid album here at OCR, but this was different. This was specifically for an artist who's given us some really phenomenal music over the years.

My song is a jazzy take on Norfair with old school NES sounds mixed with natural elements. I hope everyone likes it.

Track 2

Edenal by The Wingless

Artist did not provide a write-up.

Track 3

Energy Recharge by Another Soundscape

My first contact with bLiNd was through his fantastic trance remixes and that's exactly how I'm now trying to repay the favor. This one's for you Jordan, and the many masterpieces we have left to hear.

Track 4

Lonely Petals by DrumUltimA

When I found out bLiNd was ill, I knew I had to do something--bLiNd was one of the first remixers I listened to from OCR (his Jenova mix became a staple on my mp3 player), so I decided to put together a small piano tribute. I went through the Super Metroid OST and found a track I thought I could work well with, and began to explore some ideas on the piano. It wasn't long before I felt I had something presentable. bLiNd, I hope you continue to recover as you have been and be healthy once again. I may not be an artist of the same genre as you, but that doesn't mean your work didn't inspire me. May your recovery be swift, and may you continue to entertain and inspire future musicians!

Track 5

bLiNd Metallic Hope by Tensei-san

Artist did not provide a write-up.

Track 6

Unknown Origin by k-wix

I will confess to this track being started before I found out of blind's illness, I will also confess to never talking to blind on a personal level nor have I ever really known him - I know him in the way most of you know him, through his music. I used to listen to all his older stuff and every time I got really inspired - he was one of the original mixers who got me to start this hobby and continue it for so long, I really owe him for that, even though im sure he has no idea about such things. So on my own I sort've finished this up and dedicated it to him, From one artist to another bLiNd.. thank you for doing what you do and inspiring me to do what I do. I'm really sorry about what happened, and I sincerely hope you get better. It'd be nice to get to know you some day :) I also hope the track sticks in your head for a day or two, i had a lot of fun making it.

Track 7

In Your Prime by Big Giant Circles

"In Your Prime" was actually something I started sometime in 2006. I decided that I wanted to do a Brinstar Red remix, despite the fact that it's probably the most reached-for tune from the OST. I wanted to make it a bit more progressive, starting out with more of a chill groove, but then progressing into something harder, with a bit more of a dance vibe. For whatever reason, I set it down and never really picked it back up until I found out that Jordan was having health issues and this "Get Well" project was instigated. Well, Jordan is one of the best trance artists I know, and despite the fact that I didn't really know him personally, he seems like an all-around super nice guy. So what better motivation than to finish the remix in the spirit of his recovery? Especially to morph it into a style that he's very well known and highly praised for. Thus, "In Your Prime" was completed. It's also worth noting the influence that "Torvus Clockwork" had on the mix--the two primary things I integrated from that piece are the Bassoon, and the overlapping Brinstar and Metroid Prime title music. So this mix is definitely a tribute all around, if you think about it. It's a tribute to Darkesword, who's taken the time to coordinate this great and thoughtful project, and it's a tribute to one of the most talented musicians in the OCR community. Jordan, keep on doing your thing, bro. Hope to see you back "In Your Prime" soon!

Track 8

Photosymbiosis (bLiNd version) by Radical Dreamer

This remix was a first for me, and I hope it will be enjoyed. I was trying to give more life to a theme that was barely there at best, and I would like to think I succeeded in some way. bLiNd, this song was entirely done for you, because I have known my fair share of hospital stays, and frankly, it always sucks. I offer you this remix, my first remix I feel confident enough to offer without apologies. It might not be the best, but it's the best I did so far.

Track 9

Speed Run by AMT

Artist did not provide a write-up.

Track 10

bLiNd's Snowy Brinstar by Nario

The mix essentially took what I had produced over the past ten months and applied it all at once. Combining my influences from ambience, hip hop, classical, industrial, electronica, piano, and rock, this song turned out to be quite unique for me. I even managed to make room for a piano solo, therefore taking what I had learned from making original songs--from over the past ten months, like I said earlier--and applying it to this mix. My "remix hiatus" has strengthened me and this song is my claim that I'm ready to jump back onto the remixing boat.

I must admit, bLiNd, you're one of my favorite remixers out there. Your works have always made my day whenever I listen to them and I couldn't imagine a world without you. Whether it be Blue Vision or JENOVA Celestial (my two favorite songs from you), your works are top-notch and I definitely want to hear more from you, that's for certain. I've been praying for you for quite some time and I'm glad to hear that your recovery is going very well. I suppose "bLiNd's Snowy Brinstar" is my way of saying thanks for all that you've contributed, and I hope it's not that bad of a listen for you. Hehe!

Track 11

The Planet's Call by Bren

I decided on Brinstar 1, because the theme is so moving and atmospheric. The mix is very close to the original, as intended, and I tried to make it as ambient as possible. Not so much else to say, other than hope you enjoy it!

Track 12

Redemption by Bren

This is something I came up with at the very last minute before I had to leave for the weekend of the deadline (forgive me if it's a little unpolished). This turned out to be more of an improvised mix than anything else. The description I had in mind was being lost initially and finding solace in the end.

This is for you Blind! Best wishes and rock on!

Track 13

Health Item by Bundeslang

It's a trancey take of Norfair's theme. I didn't spend too much time on it, I hadn't much, but I wanted to participate on the album. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Track 14

Eat This, bLiNd by Strike911

Artist did not provide a write-up.

Track 15

Groovin' to a Star by Sengin

When I heard DarkeSword was rallying up people to do a Get Well Soon album for bLiNd, I immediately jumped on the chance. I hadn't completed a mix yet as I have not had a gratuitous amount of free time. So I wondered if I'd be able to finish within the week that was needed. Furthermore, I wasn't familiar with the Super Metroid soundtrack... I loaded up and just started listening to the midis there. I finally found a song where ideas started popping into my head. I brought up my old pal Finale and got to work. After I finished the main part, I loaded up my second pal Reason and added the drums, the couple pads, and messed with velocities and note lengths. I feel it came out rather well... it's a bit interpretive, but also full of energy, which was what I was going for. I hope you enjoy it, bLiNd. Remember, bLiNd, you have people that care about you all around. So don't let us down and get sick again! :P Get well soon!


Track 16

I Ain't Afraid of no Pterodactyl by Vivi22

I Ain't Afraid of No Pterodactyl! Ridley is Pterodactyl like right? Close enough I guess. I really wanted to do a piano remix. It's been too long since I did a solo piano song and I wanted to exercise those skills a bit more. After listening to the entire Super Metroid soundtrack again it was the Theme of Super Metroid that stuck out the most in my mind and I knew I had to give remixing it a go. To bLiNd; take care of yourself and have a speedy recovery. You're a very talented artist and I can't wait to hear the remixes you bring us once you're better. You're a true inspiration and I hope my contribution was able to lift your spirits during these hard times.

Track 17

Jazzed Up 'Troids by Foxhull

A jazz interpretation of the Story Theme. The running groove in the beginning was changed rhythmically, and the melody as well. The vibes hold the melody and some harmony, and the sax holds another set of harmony.

bLiNd, finish recovering and stay well! I don't want the community to lose anyone else, and you've been one of my favorite remixers from day one. Thanks for the inspiration and keep mixing!

Track 18

Uplifter by Mano

Though I wasn't familiar with Super Metroid's soundtrack, I downloaded a chiptune from the game and listened to it. I've decided to remix "Brinstar 1" because it would fit well with a dance remix. Also, getting this ready within 6 days was a real challenge for me. I changed some of the chord progression since I thought it worked really well.

bLiNd, I may have not been very active on the OCR forums, but I've been listening to OC ReMixes for a very long time now and you're one of my favourite artists on this site. When I heard you got sick, the least I could do was remixing one of your favourite tunes. I hope you enjoyed it bLiNd, and I wish you all the best with your recovery!

Track 19

My Minute by Electric Concerto

Weird name for a mix that sounds like mine does, but hey, it means that this is bLiNd's minute. I ReMixed the main theme of Super Metroid because there was a few things I could do to it. I had to change up the bassline slightly to conform to my plans, but the basic gist is still there. I hope you enjoy bLiNd, and I hope the song helps you feel better during your time of need. I'm always praying for your fast recovery, and I hope your future is a very good and very long one!

Track 20

Sleeping Thought by Chicken Warlord

Artist did not provide a write-up.

Track 21

The Galaxy Awaits by Nutritious

The Galaxy Awaits is easily the quickest I have ever completed a full remix - started on a Wednesday afternoon and finished that Friday afternoon. It is an orchestral arrangement of Item Room, Item, Samus, and Norfair II from Super Metroid, as well as Brinstar (or the Main Theme) from the original Metroid. My goal was to make the song sound like part of a movie soundtrack - so, hopefully I acheived that to some extent. I'm looking forward to hearing your new music, bLiNd, so get well soon, man!

Track 22

From Brinstar, to bLiNd by Jewbei

Artist did not provide a write-up.

Track 23

Just How Deep by José the Bronx Rican

"Just How Deep" renders the "Crateria ~ The Space Pirates Appear" BGM into something I suppose folks would call "chillout." The general soundscape is inspired by the early works of the group Sweetback, which consist of the members of Sade minus their lead singer. This tune is an almost minimalist arrangement, which probably helps since I had maybe six days to put it together: piano, sax, guitar effects and a faux rhodes on "constant hold pedal," covering most of the familiar riffs of the original tune, all layered on a drum and bass sequence with just enough crunch. Best Wishes to bLiNd on his continued recovery and for his long-term good health, not to mention more of his hot boomtiss.

Track 24

Power-Up by CN

My goal was to more or less mimic bLiNd's trance style as much as I could. Fortunately I knew my samples and skills would end up making it sound more original anyway, and hopefully you can still notice the similarity. It might remind you of his "Fading Entity" rave mix the most, but with some brief lyrics added, thanks to my cellphone. This tune is based off of a "Battle" theme in which the main part was BEGGING to sound techno...but the rest probably wasn't!

I felt this was the best way to show how inspired I was by bLiNd's music, including the notes at the end, which pays tribute to an original track of his that was aired. I'm happy and relieved that you're feeling better now, and I look forward to the rest of your awesomeness that's just waiting to be heard!

Track 25

One More Time, Just Once! by PrototypeRaptor

Artist did not provide a write-up.

Track 26

Samus in the Inferno (Short Edit) by Audix

I was very sorry to hear about Blind's illness, even though I've never spoken with him directly. His trance work has often served as a great comparison tool for my own trance tracks in the past. Really my only experience with Metroid has been playing through Metroid Prime, so I decided to remix a track that appears in both Super Metroid and Prime, Norfair 2 (or Magmoor Caverns). I went with a trance-inspired remix, incorporating mechanical sounds to go for a gritty, "underground" type feel. Due to the deadline, I wasn't able to expand the track as I would have liked to. I will be developing it more and submitting to OCR when it's finished to my satisfaction. Thanks for the inspirational mixes and get well Blind!

Track 27

Brinstar's Good Enough by The Coop

This remix is a combination of Cyndi Lauper's "The Goonies R Good Enough", and the Brinstar 1 theme from Super Metroid. While the end result reflects the former more than the latter, the SNES classic is still evident. Some parts are nearly straight from the game as they originally were, while others are adjusted for the sake of timing and/or pitch. Tack on a little original stuff here and there, and this remix is the end result.

And it's good to hear that you're getting better bLiNd.

Track 28

Kindred by pixietricks, zircon

For our contribution to the project, we wanted to pick a source that could be interpreted with a dark, atmospheric vibe and have room for vocal parts. Maridia 1 fit the bill - it's creepy, minimal, and atmospheric already. We developed the arrangement together, doing the entire mix from planning to mastering in the span of a single 48 hour marathon session (sleep included, of course). Andy's production incorporated many atmospheric synth elements like the deep bass sweep and twinkling choir pad, along with heavily processed electronic percussion: this set the stage for Jill's vocals, which stick to the melody of the source in the verses, but then become wholly original in the chorus sections. The lyrics are loosely written from the perspective of Samus, exploring deep into an alien world filled with ruins, completely alone. Fun fact: we threw in a little shoutout to bLiNd specifically in the second chorus, where one of the synths plays the melody from Jordan's original song "The First Day"!

Jordan, we are so happy that you are recovering - we were very worried for you and sincerely hoped that when you received this song, it would brighten your spirits. Your music has always resonated with us, especially "The First Day", which inspired us to add the quote from it. We really hope to meet you & Jade in person this year!

Track 29

The Man Who Could Suddenly See by zyko

I'm certainly a fan of quick work and while not as proficient at it as some of my friends, I can get a decent track out in less than a day. That's pretty much how it came together for "The Man Who Could Suddenly See" - after all, Jordan and I go back a ways and as soon as I found out what he was going through, I wanted to do something and the Super Metroid project was maybe the most fitting thing when we sometimes don't have the day-to-day familiarity with some of our friends that we normally would have or like to have. As for the track itself, the title is fairly self-explanatory and the style is actually a tribute to Jordan's influence on me and my music (even if you can't tell lol)... suffice to say, throughout our friendship, mutual artistic influence always seemed to exist for us. Like most of my music, the piece tells a story and, in this case, tells of how I interpreted what Jordan has experienced recently. And like always, the track is raw and unpolished just like our lives are with their ups and downs wether in terms of our happiness or our health. Something tells me the best bLiNd music we've ever heard is yet to come.

Bonus Track

Jade Catacombs by bLiNd

The response that came from this community as a result of my illness was overwealming and very heart warming. The fact that I have so many fans and friends that support me in this community is truly remarkable, I had no idea. Most colitis victims ive read about took much longer to recover from their flare ups and I had a severe one, but I truly believe this project and the responses in the thread boosted my recovery so this project did its job. I just want to thank all of the musicians and especially Darkesword for putting this together for me and getting it done is such a short amount of time, its really amazing how fast it came together. But most of all I want to thank my fiance Jade who I dedicated the track to, also by the title Jade Catacombs. If it wasnt for her making this community aware of everything I wouldnt have recieved all the love I did and this project most likely wouldnt have happened. When the project got pushed back I took the opportunity to finish my brinstar remix I had started and I'm glad I could make it in time for release I hope everyone enjoys my return. This project shows a more tender side of OCReMix and displays what this community is all about and I feel really blessed to be a part of it. I hope everyone else enjoys the music because I did. It definately has healing qualities, at least for me hehe. -bLiNd